Zibble School Management Platform

The ZibbleSMP is a robust platform that allows schools, parents/guardians and students to join hands in giving quality education to our kids the SMART way.

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Key Features

ZibbleSMP comes equiped with very robust and simple to use feature sets

School Fees Management

Manage Fee payments, View Fee Defaulters and Send Email/SMS Reminders to Parent/Guardians

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Students Results Analytics

View students' academic perfomance in graphical form, term-to-term comparison of students and class results

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Parent/Guardian & Students Portal

Both parents and students can be granted access to view academic performance, fee payments, news and announcements

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Reports & Statistics

Zibble converts your school data to information that can be relied upon by management for decision making.

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e-Notice Board

Easily publish school news and annoucements and reach parents, staff & students with urgent information in realtime

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Payroll & Accounting

The Zibble Platform provides you a simple-to-use payroll and accounting module to cater for your school's financial management

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Zibble Edu Store

The Edu Store is an e-commerce portal that is integrated with ZibbleSMP and allows users (i.e. School Staff, Parents/Guardians and Students) to find books and other educational materials from different Bookshops accross the country and even from international bookshops.

What You Get on Our Edu Store

Bookshops across the country are contantly on the look-out for opportunities to reach teachers, students and parent with their merchandise. Zibble Edu Store gives them the platform to sell their books and other eduactional material online. It can also serve as an effective platform to launch promotional sales sales and marketing campaigns.

Take advantage as a Zibble User to get your books and other material at discounted prices at the convenience of your home using your favourite device

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Vendors who choose to run promotional sales, have their campaigns reaching you at your Zibble account instantly. You also get email alerts of the weeks popular promotions so you don't miss anything.
Place an order via your Zibble Account on any books or educational material you may be interested in. The bookshop gets your order immediately and you can proceed to do business free of charge.
Get a summary and alerts on all product categories you have have added to preference list. You can compare discount from different vendors to make the economical purchasing decision.

Want ZibbleSMP for Your School?

Join the the progressive group of administrators using ZibbleSMP to smartly manage their schools

Why Choose Zibble Platform?

Advancement in technology has changed the way and mannner institutions are managed and schools are not an exception. ZibbleSMP uses the latest in Web and Mobile technologies to empower schools to manage their establisments efficiently. It also brings data visualization to make it easy for managers to analyse information for critical decision making.

Superior Customer Service

  • A Team Dedicated to addressing customer concerns
  • Regional Outreach Programmes to share user experiences
  • 24/7 Support
  • Online User Guide to Get You Started
  • FAQs Page to help you save time
  • Onsite Support on request
  • Post Subscription Support Agent to address common concerns

Your satisfaction and great experience whilst using ZibbleSMP is our ultimatate goal.

Join the family of schools managing their establishments the SMART way.

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Simplicity & Ease of Use

  • Very Intuitive user interface to get you going
  • Seamless page load that does not leave you staring at a blank screen
  • Well placed navigation links that ensure you don't get lost

The platfrom has been designed to work on a wide variety of devices without compromising user experience

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Competitive Pricing

By delivering ZibbleSMP as a service, we save you cost in the following areas:

  • No need for expensive in-house IT Infrastructure
  • No extra cost for Training and Technical Support
  • No upgrade cost when new features are added
  • Free online community to share and learn best practices

Zibble enables you to cut down the high cost of IT infrastructure needed to host traditional school software plus the overhead IT staff to manage the infrastructure.

Zibble is delivered as a hosted service to schools via the internet. All staff and school administrators need is internet connection to have full access to a robust platform to efficiently manage their schools the SMART way


Flexible Payment Terms

  • Pay-as-you-go: No high initial down payment
  • Chooce a payment term that suit you
  • Get discount for long term subscription

Choose the payment terms that suits your needs.


Commitment to Improving Education

We are committed to improving education through:

  • Stakeholder engagement on educational policy
  • Provision of innovative eLearning Solutions
  • Donation Educational Materials
  • Scholarhip awards to deserving students
  • Promote interest in Science & Maths
  • Promote academic excellence through competions

More than providing software solutions to schools, BTL Ltd is committed to promoting the standards of education is Ghana. We also celebrate and encourage innovations in schools.

Some proceeds from our business goes into helping improve the quality of education by way of presentation of education materials to deprived schools, free eLearning tools to some selected schools etc.


Our Support Programmes

To help our clients (i.e. schools) derive maximum benefits from the ZibbleSMP, our customer support team embarks on regional customer support programmes to share best practices in the use of the software and to share success stories on how the platform is being used by others to achieve unmatched results.